Just as there are small and large brokerage firms, there are also large and small manufacturers. To assign a labor-intensive branded line of products to a one-man organization makes as little sense as assigning a relatively small line to a large brokerage.

The key to a successful relationship is to connect with a company where your business is of primary importance. The attention that your line receives is in direct proportion to what income is derived from it. This is true at headquarters level but particularly true at retail. It is a rare line that a large brokerage company pioneers successfully.

Cognizant of the realities of the market , this office fills the need of those companies who are not large enough to court the large brokerage firms but who have true potential for business in the market.

Many products are not retail intensive; private label, deli, produce, meat/fish, and snack departments do not need the constant merchandising that much of grocery department requires. Also, many items in grocery are not subject to constant competitive assaults at shelf-level.

In reality, many of the larger brokerage firms are no more than a conglomeration of many small firms under the same roof. One hundred plus people sounds like a lot until you consider that there is a grocery department, dairy/deli department, candy department, frozen food department, and a GM/HaBa department. Needless to say, the effect is greatly diluted at street level.

It is our goal to attain sales volume for our principals through professional representation, communication, market knowledge, and follow-up. We strongly believe that we stand alone as the most aggressive and savvy organization of our size.